Freelance Writing Jobs: A Guide


There are more than enough paid writing gigs on the web but to be accepted as a writer will demand more requirements than you thought. There are things that an online company requires and the most important of these is that you need the confidence of the company in you to deliver the article in a timely manner.

You have to prove that you have the time and the capacity to deliver the articles and written documents needed before the deadline and be consistent in delivering the services required of you.

A freelance writer is somebody who writes articles and documents but does not belong to any company thus making him or her an independent contractor. The online company that hires the freelance writer has a consensual relationship to the writer and becomes a direct employer.

There are several reasons why a freelance writer does the work he does best, it may be for a living, an additional income, a venue to broaden his or her portfolio or maybe a hobby.

There are some tips on how to start your career as a writer, the first thing is to that you must be a good writer. Trying to compete and standout from among the millions of applicants, the best thing to do is to make yourself write articles that are good and basically with sound grammar. It is best done with continued practice writing skills so that you are more comfortable writing and your keyboard speed is fast.

The typical writing assignment will give you a deadline and on top of the mental stress, your keyboard skills will also matter because if your mind works faster than your hand then the frustration sets in and you will eventually give up. Freelance writers must be able to present themselves in such a way that he will be hired. You must be able to market yourself, chase leads and have good interaction and negotiation skills.

While online writing will not require you to present yourself to the employer, some freelance writers that personally applies for a work must have himself prepared for an interview.

Stock up on your portfolio, have it synced with your profile so that if the human resource department seeks for more data, they will not have any problem searching in the internet for additional information.

Being a freelance writer will entail a lot of discipline so that in order not to lose focus, you must be able to set goals and work towards the realization of our objectives. Check out for more options.

Visit for more tips.


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